NEIGHBORS I A Portrait gallery

September 6th - September 28th

Photo credit Joan Garcia

Photo credit Joan Garcia

I am a painter, illustrator and stamp maker. I work primarily in acrylics, gouache, ink and tissue papers I paint myself. Using vibrant, energetic colors in my work, I enjoy depicting nature, people, and motifs that are joyful and often part of everyday life.

I have been inspired by children’s book illustrations since I was a little girl and as a recently retired kindergarten teacher, I have spent many years reading beautifully written and illustrated children’s books. I feel my artwork tells a story and often has the aesthetic of a book illustration.

I have been fortunate to have had paintings exhibited at the Tryst Gallery and in multiple libraries in Loudoun County. I was also featured as a new artist in Uppercase Magazine.

I like to use my art to put a thoughtful and positive energy into the world. I hope you feel this when viewing my work.

The title of this show is “Neighbors: A Portrait Gallery”. This collection of paintings depicts people of different cultures and from different walks of life as well as birds and animals. Many of these portraits are of people and animals in my neighborhood, a very diverse community. My small neighborhood is a representation of the world. People of many different cultures and beliefs are our neighbors and enrich our lives because of those differences.

The birds and animals depicted are also a part of my neighborhood and a highly valued part of my life.

My paintings are primarily done in acrylics but start with pattern tissue , as a nod to my Mother who was an expert seamstress, and a sculpting medium for texture. I then randomly apply different colors of paint with a variety of tools including my hands. When the paint dries I either have preliminary sketches of an idea or frequently something within the shapes and marks the paint makes suggests an image. It is a joyful way to paint because you never know what the paint will bring forth. In addition to painting on canvas I also paint with acrylics on tissue paper and adhere that in pieces to the painting. I liken it to watching my Mother sew and quilt, piecing the fabric together to create a unified yet layered piece.

I enjoy telling stories through my paintings. Everyone has a story and I hope that through my paintings, I have helped to tell theirs.