Deborah Bowe Purity & Nobility

Deborah Bowe is our Featured Artist for November 2018. Deborah’s speech was not recorded for our Facebook page but she has kindly shared the written version with us for you to enjoy. Please visit the Gallery through November 30th to see these pieces in person! To view or purchase the pieces in this show please click here:

Deborah Bowe is an Italian American artist creating in her studio based in Northern Virginia. She was born in Como and she grew up in Italy and England, as a U.S. Air Force Spouse she has lived in Europe, Asia and America experiencing different cultures. She grew up in an artistic family, where art, design, music and creativity were part of their everyday life. Deborah was exposed to the arts since she was a child and like many artists she drawn on the walls and she created little creepy dolls made of twigs and three branches. She used to draw in her journal since before she could actually write. She has always been fascinated by portraits and people’s faces in general because the faces show emotions and fears, and also along with the eyes they show a glimpse of the soul.

Deborah Bowe, Eyes of Mercy, 24”x 30” Acrylics and Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped Canvas  Click here to purchase

Deborah Bowe, Eyes of Mercy, 24”x 30” Acrylics and Mixed Media on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Click here to purchase

The Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism were the art movements that have left an impact on her artistic upbringing and her desire to create art and she believes that their influences can be detected in her artwork today.  Deborah states that she doesn’t particularly aim to highlight the material beauty of her characters but she strives to capture an emotion or a feeling.. “A state of mind that becomes the foundation of her artwork and gives her faces an identity of their own”.

Deborah studied Fashion Design Illustration in Italy and England and she has created art in many forms, and mediums. She has worked as a Prop designer, Graphic Designer, a Doll Artist, a Sculptor, a Professional Make-up Artist and a Prostylist for an internationally known Fashion and Cosmetic company and less than 3 years ago she has transitioned to paint professionally and full-time on canvas.

Deborah’s body of work is represented by two yearly collections, generally one collection is playful and it allows her to let her creative juices flow. “THE GRANDEUR OF ILLUSION AND THEATRICALITY” 2018, which has been inspired by the design aesthetic of the 18th century French noble society, pre-revolution. The collection features 18 sensual, flamboyant, intriguing and richly adorned paintings representing aristocrats, they symbolize her revised visions of the life and fashion of the courtesans at the French court and it is her personal homage to French Baroque and Rococo'.

"The Grandeur of Illusion and Theatricality" painting collection brings her back to France, in particular to Paris and Versailles which she had the pleasure to visit over 25 years ago and it is a tribute to French History as French was the first foreign language she has ever studied. 

The second collection “ANIMUS AETERNUS” (Eternal Soul) is certainly more personal and spiritual. Deborah doesn’t wish to impose her religious beliefs but she aims to represent divine beings through her paintings. This collection features 13 paintings and it reveals a desire to highlight the importance of a spiritual being, nourishing the soul that will never cease to exist. It is purely her own  personal reflection and a tribute to the celebration of eternal life and lastly, a visual memoir of her own journey and evolution.

Deborah is mainly self-trained, she paints mostly with acrylics and mixed media and recently experimenting with oils. Her portraits are painted with the glazing techniques and adorned with elaborate textures.

Generally for a smaller size painting it takes her 3 weeks to complete, for a larger painting it takes her approximately 6 to 7 weeks, depending on the complexity of the visual composition.

Deborah has been regularly exhibiting her artwork at Tryst Gallery, she has been competing in the National Artists Competitions with her work selected By Pepco and Edison and Bombay Artisan Series in partnership with Artsy and she attends 4 to 5 juried fine art shows yearly in the DMV Area and Pennsylvania.

She always knew that she would paint eventually and she is truly happy to have followed her dreams and pursued her real passion. Deborah is truly grateful to Tryst Gallery for inviting her to exhibit her artwork in the “Purity and Nobility” Featured Art Exhibition and in several other group exhibitions planned by the gallery and she invites you all to view and experience the exhibition until the 30th of November, 2018. She believes that it is never too late to create art, and she encourages fellow artists to follow their dreams, to live and breathe art because art is what truly beautifies our world.